How much time, money and aggravation are nuisance birds  costing your Business?  Bird Removal, Protects your people, property and profits.

Bird Busters® realizes that every nuisance bird situation is different. From physical damage to building components, machines, inventory and equipment, to slip and fall liabilities, interruption of work flow and defamation of your company image, bird nuisances can cost your company millions of dollars each year.

In order to provide efficient, effective bird deterrent systems you need to understand the habits and nature of the nuisance bird, including it’s level of commitment or pressure to the space, be aware of the architectural factors that impact the area and a clear understanding of our clients goals, property and business.

Bird Busters® bird control solutions involve the following steps:

  • Thorough site inspection of the facility and onsite interview with the customer.
  • Further exploration and analysis of bird control issue based on inspection, customer interview and our in depth industry knowledge and experience.
  • Evaluate the environment, identify bird types, activity levels and attractants.
  • Creation of bird barriers and bird deterrents
  • Exclusion of access points
  • Damage/Decontamination and Sanitization
  • Site clean up
  • Monitor,  evaluate and make adjustments, if necessary.
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Bird Busters® is licensed and insured; we are certified installers for the leading manufacturer of bird deterrent products on the market today for Bird Barrier and for Bats. Bird Busters® is NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association) “Bat Compliant” certified.



Bird Busters® is NWCOA (National Wildlife Control Operators Association) "Bat Compliant" Certified.

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