Question: Will your bird control products be more visible than the mess the birds are making?

At Bird Busters® our primary goal is to satisfy the customer. We understand that the aesthetics of your commercial building is a reflection of your business. Hence, we look to create bird barriers and bird deterrents that fit in with the natural aesthetics of the architectural structure.

Question: Does your bird control work carry a warranty?

All of our bird exclusion products/projects carry a one to five year warranty, depending on the bird control product utilized.

Question: The birds are not harmful; why can’t I just leave them?

Although birds may be relatively pleasant in your environment, there are numerous health and damage risks associated with their presence in and around your commercial building and business. Pest birds carry a host of parasites that can infest your establishment or home. Bird droppings that are permitted to accumulate around HVAC systems create hazardous air quality that can ingress and infect your building and more importantly harm you, your employees and/or your customers/clients. In addition, bird droppings are slippery and can create slip and fall risks resulting in significant liability issues for the property owner. Aside from the health and safety issues and the liability risks pest birds present, the accumulation of their droppings create a disgusting visual mess, which is a poor reflection upon your business and absolutely damages the brand you are creating.